Mach-Dynamics Aerospace coatings
Magnaflux Magnetic particle and dye penetrant inspection products
Malco Automotive
Malco Consumer Products
Mallinckrodt Baker
Marsolve Marine solvents
Martin Resources Molten sulfur, sulfur derivatives, fuel oil,liquefied petroleum gas & asphalt
Matthews Paint
McPhail Fuel Company Propane
Medical Analysis Systems Excellent index
Melamine Chemicals Melamine crystal
Melrose Chemical products (in English) or French
Mercer Products
Messer-MG Industries
Metrex Surface disinfectants
MG Chemicals Excellent index
MG Industries (Messer)
Micro Care Solvents and cleaning materials
Micro Flo Company (from CDMS)
Micrylium Biomers disinfectant
MidwestDental Products
Mighty Lube Systematic Lubrication, Inc. Lubricants and greases
Militec Synthetic lubricant
Millennium Petrochemicals scroll to bottom of page
Miller Chemical & Fertilizer Corp. (from CDMS)
Miller Paneling Specialities Paneling and Adhesives
Millipore Laboratory products
Mineral Research & Devel. Corp. (from CDMS)
MiraChem Corp.
MiracleCover Silicone rubber coatings
Mitsubishi Imaging
Modern Chemical Blue Gold industrial cleaner
Molecular Optoelectronics Corporation
Molecular Research Center Products for isolation and analysis of RNA and DNA
Monarch Pharmaceuticals
Monarch Wine Co (Technically foods do not require an MSDS)
Monoglass Spray-on insulation
Monsanto Herbicides from CDMS
Monsanto Lawn & Garden Division Roundup
Monsanto Ortho Division Solaris products
Monterey Chemical (from CDMS)
Moore Ingredients Aroma chemicals, essential oils, flavorings
MPC - Muscle Products Corp. Industrial Lubricants
Murakami Screen U.S.A.